VOID — Or The New Theory of Watercolour

Why Watercolour?

The story did not really start 3 years ago. It started in my childhood. Many reason for it.

Les Mystères Du Mont — Papou50

A Love Story with Watercolour

The love was instant. and the funny thing is that I was learning to paint in watercolour at the beginning of my NFT and Digital Art journey. And all starts to blend in my Art journey too. When I was Digitising my painting on the Editional App (a 2019 app to create NFT), there was also a small software with some digital tools. This is where I started to flip the colours and play with the HUE. And I really felt I found a new Aesthetic that was bringing me some sparkles in my soul. the softness of the watercolour starts to shine like a neon. This is what I branded “Augmented Watercolour” as I was playing on the reality of an analogue watercolour that was twicked and augmented. I became the first watercolourist on the CryptoArt Space thanks to two unrelated incidents.

La Théorie de la Relativité des arc-en-ciel 🌈- Lapin Mignon (2019)

Watercolour — Until when?

I went through a phase of doubts and wondering that now I was a full time artist, I don’t have anymore the constraints of having to worry about a self contained medium. So I started questionning my extensive use of Watercolour.

This is how I started to work on VOID

The paper and the water were the layers, same as when I draw on a Procreate® programme — but all was physical.


Back to Physical

The Artwork is sold as a GIF Art — as I loved to add a little more Star Gazing spirit ❤ — Though, The collectors will be offered to claim the Physical Artwork if they want — as I love to know that the physical painting can have also its hour of glory

The Original Physical Artworks are available to claim by the collectors



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