The Mignon Generated – the first ever pfp art generated project on polygon matic blockchain?

On OpenSea –

The Mignon Generated project is my latest project with CryptoKage. It’s my very first art generated project where I have created the layers in watercolour and ink. With crazy coding done by the team led by Cryptokage, Sweetgum and Eiko, it created little funny Mignon characters in a GIF. A really unique generated project – even the eyes are glowing with life and emotion.

A big 250 cap project, and as a mum and artist, it was obvious I wanted to do things a little differently. We weighed up the pros and cons about which chain to use from a user and project standpoint. We wanted to airdrop into our communities wallets rather than make them claim them and thus pass on the blockchain gas costs. We wanted to take an environmentally conscious route whilst still being exposed to the ethereum network, so I thought about Polygon network being recently supported or Opensea.

Polygon is a commit chain, unlike other blockchains, polygon gets its security from the ethereum network and supports bridginging between chains. Being a Proof Of Stake based network it is more energy efficient than its Proof of Work counterparts and thus saves on gas costs!

So we decided on Polygon because it is a much more eco-friendly way of deploying NFT art to my lovely Mignon community.

And I absolutely love that I can treat my collectors without triple checking on gas. I can spoil my community and think purely about the Art and Love – and that is exactly what fuels the Mignon Project.

Each of the Mignon Generatives tokens gives us an easy to access list for art drops!

We had a little work to do on our Discord to explain our innovative blockchain choice to our Mignon Community. They have been incredibly supportive and enthusiastic. We helped them when necessary to bridge their MetaMask on Matic and get set up to buy their first Polygon NFT.

Once set up, they were on track to discover a brand new world.

From our perspective, we have minted 1,000+ NFTs since launched and paid less than $40 of gas – INCREDIBLE! – all while being careful to consider the environment.

And I can still airdrop (once my contract is fully functional) almost for free all the art I want to my Mignon community.

I had few chats though with big whales and refused to invest in my project because of Polygon – I tried to understand the reason, but never really got it because, polygon is compatible with the Ethereum network thanks to a bridge.

We have sold for 10+ETH so far and this is a great achievment so far <3

All in all, it was a great experience. 250 mignon generated, 1,750 airdrops NFTs and more to come – all almost for free, and with a sounder mind, and a great way to interact with my lovely Mignons. community. I love Polygon and I recommend it ESPECIALLY for larger project as this is gentler for our planet and super cool tool.

If you need any help or just want to discuss Polygon choice vs. Ethereum, come and chat with me :)

Lapin Mignon



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