The Centre Of The Earth — my SuperRare x MOCA Genesis Series

Lapin Mignon
4 min readSep 8, 2022

There was a platform, SuperRare Labs Team I tried for years to access to, but with very low success, bringing me some times where I was doubting about myself.

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But one day, my friend and talented artist Kristyglas contacted M○C△ and made a deal with them — She offered them one pf my 2019 Artwork if they would accept me in their SuperRare Space — This is how, with the power of friendship and true community, I managed to be part of the A team — and I feel super grateful — you could argue, this is not the Royal Entrance — For me, this is the BEST — A friend, A Museum I respect profundly to access a Platform I had to be on

So as you can imagine, I put some pressure on myself to deliver a Genesis that will make them proud. And in my urge to reinvent myself, I drafted many many artworks for this Genesis — and decided to keep 3 of them for a UNIQUE series inspired by one of my master, who populated my childhood with imaginary scenaries — Jules Verne

Part of my new Project, Mignonverse, is demanding me to plunge again in the fantastic adventure of Mr Verne — and I decided to chose as bedtime story for my 6yo Arthur, “Journey to The Centre Of The Earth”

And I felt hugely inspired — as you can guess — this hidden worlds, populated by creatures, in the centre of the Earth. What else?

What I wanted to recreate with my watercolour and Ink, was to be able to create a centre of focus within the elements, the sands, the stones, the rocks, the Gravels… and then the wonderment.

The watercolour area encapsulate the amazing — while the Ink on the paper left untouched, is the journey.

The watercolour technics is inspired my Arthur’s way of painting, mixing the paint in the water, on the paper — that gave a nice washed and still vibrant colours — and as well, it magnified the wonderful of the grained paper (Canson Montval, 300g/m2).

And then, on the Digital Process — I was obsess to create petroleum shades, that reminds the wealth from within.

All artworks in an interpretation, very personal, of the Adventure — That I named “Centre Of My Earth” like a nod to the interpretation. This is far from being an illustration of the book, but more a picture of the feeling it left within me.

A poem divided into 3, is attached to the artworks in their Descriptions.

The Genesis will be live on SuperRare 8th September 2022 — from 9pm UK time ❤

Poem — The Centre Of My Earth

“To the unexplored explorations,

To the unraveled revelations,

The mysteries create the Dreams

Until it discovered and challenged the obvious

Pioneers, Travelers,

Hoping to Discover

Flee the certainties, the truth sellers

To shovel new grounds and theories

Deep in the soil, or deep in their souls,

Only you, dreamers,

Know the genuine behind the Creation.

In a swirl of colours

Blooms the Lights and the Visions

In the Spike of Graphite,

Booms the Sense of Derision.

Lost my feet?

Lost my mind?

Where are we from? Dust or Stars?

In this Journey, deep inside,

The Centre of our Earth.

Little steps on Slippery Rocks,

Balanced on the Graphite spikes,

Following the wet Ariadne thread,

Down the cavernous jaw of the planet.

Then a step to far — and the fall –

Unexpectedly, I fell in the Sea.

Rocked from wave to salt,

I admire the pretend Sky and its pretend stars.

Until I felt the pre-History

Touching my skin

And I realised that more than the Flora,

Did the Fauna survived down there.

The Clash of Eras encapsulated in the Centre of The Earth,

Like a Wild Breath of the undefeated Nature

Showcasing once again who is the Captain on Board

I gathered myself as a floating object

And let my destiny saving me

Till the unraveled shored of giants everything.

And the Amazement was instant;

The Micro there is the Giga here;

Giant colourful mushrooms of all size; all shapes;

Welcome me like in a soft squishy jungle

While the Magnetic clouds gathered

And the Electric strikes hammered,

I could not help admiring the deep deep flora

Singing the song of the resuscitated ones

The Breeze whistles escaping the sleekly forest,

While their membrane paced the untold rest

And The Ground shaking below my feet,

Made me realise that the feast for the eyes was over;

And the time to be back was nearer

The journey deep inside the Centre of my Earth.”