From Artist to CryptoArtist – the quick guide to exhibit and sell your artworks in the CryptoSphere

And this is probably an article I wanted to see – being myself an Artist and doing some baby steps in the CryptoArt. As I am not a geek in the CryptoWorld (and God knows how I admire them) I found it difficult to understand the basics to be able to become a CryptoArtist.

This article aims to help you to start selling your work on a CryptoArt platform: Rarible and to explain it with my words.

  1. Engaging with the community

The CryptoArt is a very supportive community, and mostly on Twitter. So create your artist account (if not already) and connect with us by looking for some hashtags as #ethereum #cryptoart #NFT etc. Myself, I kept some friends from a former app I was using to exchange CryptoArt, so I was happy to be able to share issues, ask questions to them, and especially to abysms who has been so helpful. And I love interacting with other artists it’s a great way to learn and discover .

2. Open your Cryptocurrency account

There’s a lot on the market, but I have been advised to go for Coinbase. It has a very easy app on iPhone (app is a must for me!).

Try to have at least 0.1eth to start with. You will need it to publish your artwork.

3. Open an account on Rarible

Yes, this is where I started as I have been advised Rarible. And that was a great advice. But you need to open a Fortmatic (again, a lot does exist, but I opted for Fortmatic) account that will be your pass to access to Rarible.

Then it will give you access to the Rarible platform where you can create your «Collectible» (this means: your art tokenized as CryptoArt). And this is really easy to do then. You have to pay some «gas» to put your artwork online.

Once you will be asked to pay for the fees, you will have an option to send some ETH from your Coinbase account to your Fortmatic account – again very well explained. So I leave you follow the instruction.

And here is your own gallery of Collectible on Rarible

4. I have sold 2 Lapin Mignons in one week!

So when I logged back on Rarible, I had the surprise twice to have been notified my Artworks have been sold (Two happy dance in a week – yasss).

You can collect your money on Zerion – it’s accessible by clicking on your profile icon, «Manage finds on Zerion» and then you can transfer you ETH to your Coinbase Account!

5. The nice surprise: RARI

RARI is the home cryptocurrency from the Rarible Platform. And once a week, they share RARI between the sellers and buyers on the platform.

RARI is a governance token (and I am learning about it, probably an other article) but can be exchange to ETH on Uniswap website to your Coinbase Account (and then to £££ if you wish).

The RARI has quite a high value but very volatile.

6. As a conclusion

Between your artwork on Rarible and your wallet, there are a few steps:

Rarible > Fortmatic > Zerion > (Uniswap for RARI) > Coinbase

So hope this gives you the first steps to become a CryptoArtist on Rarible.

And if I can help you please do not hesitate to contact me on Twitter @Lelapinmignon

Lapin Mignon



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