Enigma Super Hero Artist Spotlight — The Yuki Lover, Daniel Orsini.

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4 min readApr 7, 2021


Enigma Bazaar Collective is a bunch of very different cryptoartists now becoming family. Let’s get to know them a little bit more, and get to jump in their very own universe.

Today, let’s meetDaniel Orsini who pixel by pixel, attracts you to his Yuki Kingdom, and his very own universe, sharing his feelings so beautifully, heart on the sleeve.

1/ Tell me a little bit about you?

Daniel Orsini is also a Med Student

I am Daniel Orsini, also known as Andielor. I am a 27 years old digital artist and med student from Venezuela who loves reading and usually goes daydreaming.

I love cats, bunnies and little animals in general!
Pixel & voxel artist father of Yuki

I always dreamed of being a Doctor and an artist, and is now fulfilling my dream thanks to NFTs!

2/ How would you describe your Art?

Yuki’s sky — Daniel Orsini on Rarible

My art is described as “emotional” & “innocent” pixelart. I enjoy Voxelart, colorful sceneries based on fantasy and real life moments. This is where the little Yuki comes in, a character used to immerse viewers into the fantasy world.

3/ What kind of superhero are you? What is your super power?

I more support heroes in their main task is to ensure that everyone else on the party is well, my power consists on super healing, which I can manage and control perfectly thanks to my knowledge on traditional medicine & Pixreate the ability to create pixelated companions to power up my allies in the darkest times.

4/ How long have you been in Crypto Wonderland? who / what has been the rabbit that led you to the hole of CryptoArt?

My journey started back in October from 2020, thewhite rabbit was actually a white rabbit, a little real life companion Yuki which is represented in most of my pieces as a small white pixel bunny with red eyes, she has been with me since the beginning and it’s the main source of my inspiration. but at first i followed a cat, maybe chesshire (Kristyglas)

5/ In this mad hatter tea party, with the euphoria around cryptoart and NFT, your fav cryptoartist in the space? And your fav piece of art?

Reaching for the Stars — Kristy Glas

My fav artist is Kristyglas (https://twitter.com/KristyGlas), such a wonderful human being, one of the kindest persons i’ve ever met and who has been by my side since the beginning always supportive and not afraid of sharing her thoughts with me, my fav piece from kristy is The Watchful Forest, still remember the first time i saw that beautiful landscape with her super recognizable color schemes, was so magical ❤

6/ Part of a league of superhero, what is it like to be part of the Enigma Bazaar Collective?

It’s been awesome since the beginning, i’m one of the first members who had the luck to be part of this awesome group of artist, i have so much to say about them all that i may fill this with just that, they are like a family to me, each one has his unique traits, unique style and voice but when we talk about art we are just one ❤

7/ who do you think in this collective will be the 1st to sell an artwork above 100ETH

To everyone’s surprise, Kristyglas


5000 days — Beeple

8/ with who would you love to see this collective doing a massive collaboration?

This is rather hard to answer since there’s a lot of talented artists known and unknown (atm) but I would love to see a collab with beeple (https://twitter.com/beeple). I’ve loved his art since the first time I saw them, not unexpected I guess…

Thank you so much Dan, that is nice to meet you. Such a lovely soul in the Collective

Want to know more, let’s follow Daniel Orsini:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dan_Orsini
Rarible: https://rarible.com/andielor
Opensea: https://opensea.io/accounts/Andielor
Foundation: https://foundation.app/andielor

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