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3 min readMar 5, 2021


Anatomie – the Art on automated mode – The Automatism.

What I love about Art, is to leave my mind escape my body. Art is an escape for my soul.

Back at school, when I study Art, it was a 2 year specialised degree. You do theory and Art History on the first year, and on the second year, you have your own project. As most as my comrades, I was craving for this project, and I was desperate to get my teeth on. And not being a big fan of school ( or let’s put it this way – the School, as an institution did not like pupil like me. Very introverted, working a lot but not producing a lot of result, in the average but with a lot of struggle in key fields – I was not promised to a great future… but I did it to the University. So guess what, tenacity is the key - anyway…). And there is one thing I hate above all, is to get influenced when I do my Art.

Anyway, back to «nos moutons» – with my teenage shy voice, I dare to ask my Art teacher if I could start with my Art Project, and do the History of Art for year 2…. And she did accept – with a big smile ! So for 2 years it was like private Art lesson to me. I was in the corner of the classroom doing my project, enjoying the plethora of materials, free time, and doing what I love. My big project theme I chose was about « The essence of Dream», and I did a lot of digging myself, but never had a look to the Art world. I read a lot of psychology, and my Master, Sigmund Freud. (My Art Project bibliography was mainly psychology and philosophy reading – and I eventually extended it to poetry). And I did what I loved, what I was enjoying doing while soaked in my theme.

On year 2, instead of going through the Art History the very academic way, with my teacher, we look back at my project, and we started to check what it was looking like… and I discovered a lot of similarities with surrealims and… the automatism as Joan Miro was experiencing. The more I read and learnt about it, the more I felt the special connection.

I understood from that point the importance of my Art and thought process- the naive art was taking all its sense.

Just thinking about it gives me chills – this was a proper experience you can live once in your artist life.

With Anatomie, this is what I am pursuing. I am soaking in a subject, without looking at any related Art, and then I empty my mind, leave it on a side. Few days after, I take a random watercolour based, and I draw without thinking of anything and leave my mind go as far it can goes.

All my Anatomie Artwork collection can be found on KnownOrigin

If you have never really immersed yourself in this type of experience, please pen some free time on your calendar, and make it your own process…. And share it with me.All my Anatomie Collection is on Knownorigin

Hope to hear from your experiments soon,

Lapin Mignon

Art below:

Joan Miro, The Beautiful Bird Revealing the Unknown to a Pair of Lovers, 1941

Lapin Mignon, L’Anatomie de Venus, 2021

Lapin Mignon, L’Anatomie d’une Fleur, 2021

Lapin Mignon, L’Anatomie d’un Papillon, 2020